Third group of WordPress Super Cache benchmarks this time with some NewRelic server stats added. Blitz.io load tested this WordPress blog’s index page with 8000 users over 60 seconds with California region. This time no TCP errors as I did a few optimisation tweaks including lowering the memory allocation to MariaDB MySQL to free up more memory for Nginx and PHP-FPM (below memory […]

WordPress Super Cache Benchmarks (Blitz.io load test) 237 million hits/day

This WordPress blog was created using Centmin Mod’s WordPress auto installer script (wpcli_wordpress.sh) which utilises WP-CLI command line tool to automate the installation of WordPress core script along with WordPress Super Cache and a bundle of other essential WordPress Plugins for security, performance and better usability. The blog is using PHP 7.0.0-dev for testing as well given that PHP 7 performance has pretty much caught […]

WordPress Nginx Auto Installer Script