This WordPress7 blog’s server has updated to CentOS 7.4 64bit with latest Centmin Mod 123.09beta01 LEMP stack code which includes latest PHP 7.1 version – PHP 7.1.12 with Profile Guide Optimisations (PGO) as well as Nginx 1.13.7 with latest Cloudflare zlib performance fork code. CentOS 7.4 64bit 2GB DigitalOcean KVM VPS server based Nginx 1.13.7 nginx -V nginx version: nginx/1.13.7 built […]

PHP 7.1.12 & Nginx 1.13.7 with Cloudflare Zlib fork

This WordPress 7 site has switched to a new WordPress theme and look. The WordPress 7 site is for testing CentOS 7.2 with latest PHP 7 (currently using PHP 7.0.9) via Centmin Mod LEMP stack’s WordPress auto installer for Nginx. Re-ran my Blitz.io 10,000 user load test and managed 246 million hits/day with peak 4,000 hits/sec and average of 2,851 […]

WordPress 7 Site Updates

Today updated this blog’s Centmin Mod LEMP stack PHP-FPM to PHP 7.0.1 with added PHP Redis PHP Extension support and enabled Nginx level Redis caching + Redis Object Caching. The switch from WordPress Super Cache plugin to this WordPress Redis caching combination will result in much faster site for this 2GB DigitalOcean KVM VPS. Below are the results for Blitz.io & […]

PHP 7.0.1 + Redis Cache for WordPress

Running more load testing benchmarks against this blog for WordPress Super Cache benchmarks. This time using Siege http load testing tool. Centmin Mod LEMP web stack installer already includes installation of Siege benchmark tool by default, so makes testing quite easy. You would need to run Siege benchmark tool from a separate server from the target test web server/site you […]

WordPress Super Cache Benchmark – Siege http load testing

With revived interest in using my Amazon AWS account again, I’ve  started to setup this WordPress blog for using Amazon AWS Cloudfront CDN for serving static files for better pages speed for all geographic visitor locations. The Amazon Cloudfront CDN is using a custom subdomain, wp7cdn.centminmod.com setup using a hosted zone subdomain only on Amazon Route53 DNS services. The subdomain hosted […]

WordPress CDN hosting to improve Page Speed (Amazon AWS Cloudfront)

Prior WordPress Super Cache plugin benchmarks were using Blitz.io for load testing. This time for WordPress Super Cache benchmarks using Apachebench tool (available via the httpd-tools YUM package) launched from remote Las Vegas based server running CentOS 6.5 to test this blog’s index page served from a 2GB KVM based DigitalOcean KBM VPS + CentOS 7.0 using Centmin Mod LEMP web stack and PHP […]

WordPress Super Cache Benchmarks (Apachebench) Round 1